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Movie samples from the new 90 minute trampoline instructional video:
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TRAMPOLINE TRAINING for Body Mind & Spirit
Demonstrated and Narrated by WORLD & USA Trampoline Champion
Dan Millman

Owning this SAFETY oriented instructional video is the Wisest
& Best Investment that any trampoline owner or user can make.

IMPORTANT: In order to keep the file size small enough for viewing and downloading on the web, these movie samples are shown at less than one tenth the visual and audio resolution of the actual video. The video looks and sounds much better than shown in these movie samples which are just intended to give a sample of the contents of this ground breaking new trampoline instructional video. From time to time NEW MOVIE CLIPS will be posted. So please visit us again to see a new movie clip.

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Front Kaboom
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 QuickTime movie (file size is 8.0 MB)

 1-1/2 Twist to Front Drop
(Click here to view movie)

 QuickTime movie (file size is 7.3 MB)

 QuickTime movie (file size is 888 KB)

Back Somersault w. Double Twist (Click here to view)

 QuickTime movie (file size is 9.6 MB)

 Beginner Routine
(Click here to view)

 QuickTime movie (file size is 352 KB)

Advanced Routine
(Click here to view)

 QuickTime movie (file size is 15 MB)

 Some Coming Attractions

 Full Twisting Front Dive

 QuickTime movie (Skills for Gymnasts section)

 Back Kaboom to Handstand

 QuickTime movie (Skills for Gymnasts section)

 Seat Drop Backward to Handstand with Hop

 QuickTime movie (Skills for Gymnasts section)

ATTENTION: These movie samples are in cross-platform QuickTime format. They will load and run on both PC and Mac systems. To view and download these movie samples, you will need a web browser that supports QuickTime movies. Later versions of Netscape and Explorer browsers load QuickTime movies automatically. Earlier versions may require that the appropriate QuickTime plug-in be installed in the browser before it will play these movies. Please be advised that some of the above movie samples can take a little time to download (depending upon modem speed, line conditions, net traffic, etc.) However once these movies are downloaded, you can save them to view off-line whenever you may wish and share them with your friends. You will need to be patient. You can, of course, abort the download at any time. You can also watch the movie as it loads by pressing the play arrow button on the movie viewer. This will let you play back that portion of the movie that has been downloaded while the rest of the movie continues downloading.

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