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Backyard Pro Trampolines are the only home trampolines owned, personally USED and recommended by Olympic, World, USA,
and All-American Champions & acclaimed Professional Circus Acts! The Backyard Pro is the Best Performing, Best Designed,
Most Ruggedly and Durably Constructed Home Trampoline Available with the BEST SAFETY RECORD In The Industry!

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Proudly made in the USA by AMERICAN workers

We Are The Oldest and Longest Established Trampoline Company in America with the Best Safety Record in the Industry!

Unique patented frame is designed to install either up on legs or flush level with the ground!
No kit or other accessories are needed to change the frame from up on legs to ground level mode!

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JUST RELEASED: Our shorter 20 minute "TRAMPOLINE SAFETY & SAFE BASIC SKILLS" VIDEO is now available. View online immediately by CLICKING HERE. Every bouncer should at a minimum know at least this much information for their trampoline safety. Watch online now for a very affordable price. This streaming video will give you vital trampoline safety training that every bouncer needs to know. Only Backyard Pro cares enough to show their customers how to correctly and safely use their trampoline once they have bought it! For those who KNOW, the ONLY way to go is BACKYARD PR0!

Watch this 7 min. movie below to learn more about the superior safety & performance of the Backyard Pro Trampoline

Above, a short 7 minute movie shows the Backyard Pro in action supporting skills that could never be attempted on other home trampolines. Most other home trampolines do NOT show their product being used. They just show photographs that tell NOTHING about their performance.
For those who KNOW, the only way to GO is BACKYARD PRO.™

We have safer & better performing trampolines to fit most any budget.

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Home Sports Training and Outdoor Recreational Trampoline

The Backyard Pro can be used either up on legs or as an in-ground trampoline.
Our unique design can save you a lot of money on the in-ground installation with superior & safer performance!

E-mail us now & request our FREE detailed in-ground installation instructions

Only the BACKYARD PRO is designed to be installed either on legs as illustrated at the left or flush level with the ground as shown in the photograph at the right of this very same BACKYARD PRO model but now installed in its exclusive ground level mode. Only the BACKYARD PRO is professionally designed to safely and correctly permit this DUAL INSTALLATION! Our patented frame allows easer ground level installation at less than 1/4 the price of installing other trampolines with a better and safer bounce after in-ground installation. CLICK HERE to see the Backyard Pro ground level photo enlarged to full screen size. If you are going to invest in a ground level trampoline, why settle for a toy quality ground level trampoline when with the Backyard Pro you can have a safer, much better performing, better built and longer lasting WORLD CLASS competition capable ground level trampoine? Please click here to e-mail Backyard Pro for complete illustrated Backyard Pro in-ground installation instructions.

SAFETY FIRST: As shown in the drawing at the top left, the exclusive, built-in spotting decks along all four sides aid in coaching and in the use of a hand held training and safety belt by qualified persons. This is invaluable in helping to learn and practice new stunts not yet fully mastered. The exclusive patented BACKYARD PRO Spotting Deck Frame reinforces the perimeter frame to give a superior, safer and more controlled bounce together with the coaching convenience usually found only in the most expensive, world class gymnasium trampolines. And unlike the gymnasium trampolines, the fully weather resistant BACKYARD PRO is designed to be used outside year around by a family at an affordable price! As shown in the photograph at the top right, the Backyard Pro is the only home trampoline designed--without the need for expensive extra attachments--for dual installation either up on legs or flush level with the ground. Installing the trampoline flush level with the ground is a much better safety option than attempting to add expensive after market safety netting around your trampoline. Safety netting exposes the bouncer to possible contact with the poles the safety netting is attached to. Safety netting has a tendency to throw the performer back to the trampoline without any control over how he may land on the trampoline mat. Furthermore, the effectiveness of a net "safety" enclosure decreases as the netting ages and falls into disrepair. In our opinion, buying a Backyard Pro and making use of its exclusive and unique flush level with the ground installation mode is the better alternative--especially over the long run--because your Backyard pro ground level installation should function effectively over the entire life of the trampoline. Also there is nothing extra to buy whereas most net enclosures effectively double the price of most trampolines.

WARNING: Trampoline accidents can result in catastrophic injuries such as (but not limited to) death and permanent paralysis--especially during inverted somersaulting type skills. The best practice is to hold the safety belt rope with BOTH HANDS. It can be useful to step in off the deck onto the bed with one foot for greater stability when applying leverage. Do NOT stand on the frame of a trampoline not equipped with spotting decks. Only qualified persons should attempt to spot from the spotting decks either with or without a safety belt. Please consult your Backyard Pro Users Manual or a qualified trampoline instructor for more information.

The BACKYARD PRO can also be used as a GROUND LEVEL trampoline! The legs are designed to easily and effortlessly convert to the ground level mode. The BACKYARD PRO also features a unique, patented ground level installation design built into the frame to allow superior, professional ground level installation (at a fraction of the cost of other trampolines) without additional attachments or modifications of any kind!

Yet unlike all other ground level trampolines, only the revolutionary BACKYARD PRO design includes legs and features an exclusive design which allows their easy reconfiguration to quickly convert from a professional ground level trampoline to a state of the art above ground trampoline! This greatly increases the usefulness and resale value of the BACKYARD PRO trampoline. In some locations, drainage and soil conditions can make ground level installation impractical. Also, many people prefer the above ground mode because they can save the time and labor of installation at ground level which compromises the underlying lawn and is exposed should the trampoline ever be removed. Only the BACKYARD PRO is designed for DUAL INSTALLATION so that it can correctly and professionally be used in either the above ground mode or ground level trampoline installation mode with nothing extra to buy. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!

The BACKYARD PRO Home Sports Training and All Weather, Outdoor Family Recreational TrampolineTM is much more than your typical backyard play trampoline. Virtually all backyard priced trampoline are designed primarily for casual recreation and "play". The BACKYARD PRO is a superb year around recreational trampoline for the entire family, but it also meets demanding professional standards for advanced use as in gymnastics, springboard diving, aerial free style skiing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, figure skating, dancing, cheerleading, and other sports training, etc. The BACKYARD PRO features very heavy duty construction to stand up under hard professional or institutional use and offers, inclusive in its modest price, the desirable professional features heretofore available only on professional, institutional and gymnasium trampolines costing many times more. Yet, unlike expensive gymnasium trampolines, the BACKYARD PRO is also fully weather resistant for year around, all weather, outside use in the yard!

CLICK HERE to see the Backyard Pro flush at ground level photo enlarged to full screen size.
Backyard Pro Trampolines are the only home trampolines owned, used and recommended by Olympic, World, USA, and All-American Champions!


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