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The RAVE reviews keep coming in. The expert critics are unanimous!
TRAMPOLINE TRAINING for Body, Mind & Spirit is SUPERB!!

"Bought a trampoline and don't know how to use it? Trampoline Training for Body, Mind and Spirit is a well designed video that can show you everything from the basic bounce to entire routines.... Tips for Cheerleaders, eight practice routines and important safety practices help make Trampoline Training a versatile educational tool for any coach or gym." excerpted from Video Review by Carter Knoop INTERNATIONAL GYMNAST.

"...[Dan] Millman's trampolining credentials are impeccable and his professional presentation...clearly demonstrates safety tips and progressions from straight jumping to advanced...skills. Overall, this is a very fine video. Millman is an excellent communicator and knows his stuff. Production quality is excellent and content is more than adequate to educate the home trampolinist." excerpted from Video Review by Bil Copp WORLD ACROBATICS SOCIETY MAGAZINE.

"...3-1/2 STARS (out of a possible 4): HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ...A natural purchase for most public library collections. World trampoline champion Dan Millman, who is a good speaker and teacher, demonstrates on a Backyard Pro many basic, intermediate and advanced skills--virtually covering every move possible...on the trampoline. With its emphsis on safety and excellent presentation of right and wrong moves, it seems a natural choice for most public library collections..." excerpted from Video Review by R. Ray VIDEO LIBRARIAN

"...Host and World [trampoline] champion Dan Millman makes a convincing case for the fitness benefits and fun of trampoline jumping. Excellent camera work and direction make it easy to watch the various twists, tucks, straddles, and drops as Millman narrates along describing the correct form needed for proper execution...Millman is a terrific host and instructor, and with the burgeoning of home trampoline sales, this tape makes a unique and welcome addition to public library collections." excerpted from Video Review by Ellen Druda, Librarian, LIBRARY JOURNAL

"The video is a first class, quality production. Millman's comments and demonstrations are excellent. His skill progressions help maximize appropriate skill learning sequences. The use of the video, along with qualified instruction, would clearly help provide an exceptionally safe approach to the development of trampolining skills. This would be especially true for beginner trampolinists and for bouncers who aspire to develop competitive trampoline skills. The video shouild be a component of any instructional program, especially for home-based backyard trampolining." from Video Review by Dr. H. Edsel Buchanan, Ed. D., CLP, CRSS Professor Emeritus of Physical Education University of Nebraska and 3 time NCAA Trampoline Champion and 2 time AAU Trampoline Champion

"...the best video on the market for trampoline progressions and skills." Lani Loken-Dahle, United States Platform Diving Champion, trampoline & diving coach University of Oregon, member board of directors, World Acrobatic Society, Executive Director of the International Trampoline Industry Association (ITIA) and Director of the United States Trampoline Safety Committee.

"Expert diving demonstrations..." Brad Smart, current World Champion Diver, masters division.

"The video shows nice progressions and good demonstrations." Don Leas, chairman US Diving Safety Committee.

Some of the top professional coaches and performers throughout the WORLD have ordered this video for the expert instruction it contains. To see a list of just a few of the many prominent owners of this video, please click on: SATISFIED VIDEO USERS

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