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Of course we are still taking orders for early Spring delivery but we need to begin planning our Summer production schedule now.
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JUST RELEASED: Our shorter 20 minute "TRAMPOLINE SAFETY & SAFE BASIC SKILLS" VIDEO is now available. View online immediately by CLICKING HERE. Every bouncer should at a minimum know at least this much information for their trampoline safety. Watch online now for a very affordable price. This streaming video will give you vital trampoline safety training that every bouncer needs to know.

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We have safer & better performing trampolines to fit most any budget.

We do NOT post our prices online on this web site. You need to e-mail us for prices.

You can also call our customer service number at 1-630-377-7267
One of our knowledgeable representatives will be pleased to answer your questions.

We do NOT post our prices online on our web site. Because the Backyard Pro is an outdoor rated Professional Trampoline for the home, we can offer many options and upgrades that other home recreational and toy trampolines with their lighter duty frames cannot support. We also offer the Tramp-O-Fun economy line of quality trampolines that are the same size as the Backyard Pro but sell for about half the price. All these price options can often prove unwieldy to assemble and pursue on-line. We have found that most of our web site visitors prefer that we e-mail them a full price list. Thank you for your interest in Backyard Pro trampolines.

The Backyard Pro® Trampoline is the World's Finest:
Professional Trampoline ~ year around outdoor rated for the home
Competition Trampoline & Competition Training Trampoline ~ year around outdoor rated for the home
Up on Legs Above Ground Trampoline ~ year around outdoor rated for the home
Unique Design is Fully & Easily Convertible to
In-ground Trampoline or Ground Level Trampoline ~ year around outdoor rated for the home
Sports Training Trampoline™ ~ year around outdoor rated for the home
Gymnastic Trampoline ~ year around outdoor rated for the home
Cheerleading Trampoline ~ year around outdoor rated for the home
Diving Trampoline ~ year around outdoor rated for the home
Wakeboard Trampoline ~ year around outdoor rated for the home
Snowboard Trampoline ~ year around outdoor rated for the home
Freestyle Ski Trampoline ~ year around outdoor rated for the home
Superior Performing Family Recreational Trampoline ~ year around outdoor rated for the home

To Learn more about the Backyard Pro CLICK HERE to automatically download our FREE 50 page E-Book containing full Backyard Pro specs & trampoline SAFETY & SKILL TIPS by
World Champion Performers & World Class Coaches. Every trampoline buyer, owner and user needs this FREE E-Book.
Please be patient. This E-Book is a large PDF file. Save it to your hard drive for future reference.)

Please order as early as possible to most likely get delivery when you desire. Due to the popularity of the Backyard Pro among world class athletes and other serious performers and knowledgeable enthusiasts, there can be a waiting list to own this coveted trampoline.

The BACKYARD PRO® trampoline is available in several sizes and in several configurations within each size. Complete specifications and pricing are not available online but are available through Backyard Pro or its national distributor.


The BACKYARD PRO® is more costly because it is a real trampoline and not merely a toy. The BACKYARD PRO® is the best designed, best performing, and most ruggedly constructed, outdoor weather resistant trampoline available for home use. The Backyard Pro is the ONLY trampoline--round or rectangular--designed with professional integral welded spotting decks on all four sides to accomodate coaching, observing and spotting by qualified persons with or without a hand held spotting belt. The Backyard Pro is also the ONLY trampoline--round or rectangular--designed for correct, professional ground level installation as well as above ground use with nothing addidional to buy or install. The Backyard Pro is the world's finest home trampoline and is a real trampoline that you can not only have fun on but also use to train in the sports of gymnastics, trampolining, cheerleading, and other acrobatic and extreme sports, etc. Unlike other home trampolines, the BACKYARD PRO® is a true home sports training™ and outdoor recreational trampoline--NOT merely a light duty toy trampoline as are many others. (Many low priced home trampolines even advise in their documentation that they are only intended to be used for basic play and NOT for the practice of gymnastic skills, etc. Thus they are not as much fun to bounce on and are very limited in the uses and skills they are designed and recommended to accomodate. Your family may soon outgrow them as your children become more skilled on their trampoline and more involved in such activities as trampolining, cheerleading, gymnastics, springboard diving, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, etc.) The BACKYARD PRO® trampoline, on the other hand, is the preferred choice of trampolinists, gymnasts, springboard divers, cheerleaders, freestyle skiers, snowboarders, wakeboarders and other acrobatic and extreme sports enthusiasts. Many professional gymnasium and competition trampolines cost over $10,000.00 and perform no better and are no larger than the Backyard Pro. Moreover they are only designed for inside use whereas the Backyard Pro is designed to give years of trouble free service year around in your yard. The Backyard Pro is a serious SPORTS TRAINING™ and outdoor home recreational trampoline that performs like a world class gymnasium and competition trampoline outside in your yard. The BACKYARD PRO® trampoline is presently used by many top clubs and schools including the top rated SOUTHERN UC diving team as well as by discriminating parents who want an exceptionally well designed, stable and reliable trampoline to entrust their children to use.


Most people make two big mistakes in buying a home trampoline:

Mistake # 1: They think that all trampolines are pretty much the same and that size and price are the two most important considerations. So they shop to buy the biggest, cheapest trampoline they can find.

Mistake # 2: They think that once they have a trampoline in their yard, they can just teach themselves how to use it as they go along. Hence they never get any kind of instruction or safety orientation of any kind. They are completely self-taught or more accurately: self-MISTAUGHT in the vast majority of cases.

Most parents would never consider introducing their families and children to the sport of sky-diving by shopping for the cheapest parachute they could find and then encouraging their children to sky-dive without any instruction whatsoever. Neither would they consider taking up the sport of SCUBA diving by buying the cheapest, most "mickey mouse" set of tanks and regulator they could find, strapping it on and then jumping into a deep lake without ever troubling to take any instruction. But that is exactly how many familes try to enjoy trampolining. It is not the smart way. You certainly do not have to be an expert to enjoy trampolining. However there is enough risk inherent in trampolining so that a little knowledge of correct techniques and established safety practices can be very helpful.

In trampolining as in many other pursuits, knowledge will tend to protect you and ignorance will tend to put you at greater risk. We suggest anyone considering buying a trampoline first invest in a little education. You may wish to invest in our critically acclaimed, safety oriented instructional video: TRAMPOLINE TRAINING for Body, Mind & Spirit with World Trampoline Champion Dan Millman. It just makes very good sense to spend $28.95 for 90 minutes of safety oriented, world class trampoline instruction before you undertake to spend several hundred dollars for a trampoline without first knowing a little about trampolines and how to use them. Once you watch this video, you will know much more and thus be better able to choose your trampoline more wisely and use it more knowledgeably. No matter what trampoline you finally decide to buy, this video should help inform you to make the best choice for the amount you choose to invest and how best to use your trampoline properly and safely once you have bought it. Alternatively you could borrow the video at your local library. Or you could read a good book on trampolining. Or you could take a few lessons at one of your local trampoline and/or gymnastics schools. Best yet, you might decide to do all of the above. It would be time and money very well spent.

See the BACKYARD PRO® in Action...At Your Local Library!

The fully illustrated BACKYARD PRO® Literature and pricing is very complete and helpful. It includes complete specifications and pricing. It even includes articles by noted world sports champions on effectively using the BACKYARD PRO® for your own family recreation, sports training and fitness program. However we are also very proud that the BACKYARD PRO® trampoline was selected by World Trampoline Champion Dan Millman for his critically acclaimed 1-1/2 hour safety oriented trampoline instructional video: TRAMPOLINE TRAINING for Body, Mind & Spirit. Watching this video shows you important safety practices that every trampoline owner and user should know and shows you how to do trampoline skills correctly and more safely. It also lets you see and evaluate the BACKYARD PRO® in action as it is actually being used for beginning through advanced through world class skills by a great World Trampoline Champion. This can be quite helpful in making your trampoline buying decision. This video can be purchased from BACKYARD PRO® distributors and from many video stores as well. However many PUBLIC LIBRARIES also have this video available to the public for FREE viewing! If your local public library does not yet have the video, they can usually at least tell you the closest library that does have it.

Also if your library does not yet have this video, you may wish to speak directly to your local library director or head librarian and request that your library acquire it. We feel this video belongs in every public library which serves residential neighborhoods where home trampolines are in use because many home trampoline owners and users are uninformed and misinformed about correct trampoline usage and safety practices and need to watch this video. Making it widely available in public libraries would allow them to do so at no charge. For more information on how best to request that your local library acquire this video if they do not have it already PLEASE CLICK HERE. This critically acclaimed video has received outstanding reviews in all the major library magazines such as LIBRARY JOURNAL and VIDEO LIBRARIAN, etc. It is carried by virtually all library distributors and wholesalers. Therefore those libraries who do not already have it can easily order it through their regular channels and will usually acquire it if enough of their local library patrons request it. So please request that your library acquire this video and tell your trampoline owning and using friends and neighbors to request it also.

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